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Myles Jackman – Award Winning Duty Solicitor and Partner-Level Solicitor/Advocate Specialising in Sexual Freedom & Obscenity Law

I am an 11-year PQE duty-solicitor (and solicitor-advocate) with an internationally recognised specialisation (and established client-base) in consensual adult sexuality-related offences, activism, and advocacy.

In 2012 I won the #PornTrial, the #ObscenityTrial and the Law Society Junior Lawyer of the Year Excellence Award.

I have a deep client-base and frequently refer clients in: high net-worth asset management; family (matrimonial disputes involving sexual disclosures); employment (outing at work); defamation and reputation management; and data privacy.

For the last three years I was the legal director of the digital privacy and free speech campaign the Open Rights Group where I oversaw successful interventions and amicus briefs in: the UK Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court; the US Supreme Court; and the European Court of Human Rights, and the European Court of Justice.

I have campaigned for nearly 20 years as a sexual freedoms activist, which led to the CPS issuing revised Guidance on the OPA.

I have appeared as a commentator from the front page of The Sun to BBC Newsnight; and written in the Independent and The Guardian. My obscenity cases taught in academia and I occasionally speak at post-Doctoral level.

I understand the importance of online marketing from social media engagement to search-engine optimisation and have my own website.

Here is a copy of my current CV for your consideration:

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Your Rights If Arrested

You have the right to free, independent and confidential legal advice, either in person or by phone.

You should ALWAYS exercise this right: by saying that you want a solicitor to advise and represent you.

If you do not know the name of a solicitor, you can ask for the duty solicitor to represent you.

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Current Activism Projects:

#TigerPorn Judicial Review
I am Judicially Reviewing the CPS and MoJ to clarify the extreme pornography guidelines.

#PornLaws and ATVOD
I am advising members of the adult industry about ATVOD and the AVMS Regulations 2014.







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