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My Significant Obscenity Cases:


R v Anon [2013]

My client was charged with being in possession of allegedly indecent images. He maintained throughout that the images were from legitimate adult websites and that all the performers were over the age of 18. A reverse burden was placed on the defence to prove this. I contacted the websites in question and obtained the performers’ model release forms and passport details proving their ages. The CPS eventually offered no evidence before trial, but no apology.

"The evidence is mounting. Is the CPS institutionally homophobic? Imagine if this were to happen to you or someone that you loved" My article in The Independent.

"Man wrongly charged in Crown Prosecution Service's 'homophobic witch-hunt'" - The Independent.

R v Walsh [2012] 

My client was tried for possessing a very small quantity of self-made extreme pornography of fisting and urethral sounding; and was found Not Guilty by the jury. I live-tweeted the trial, which was also widely covered in the media and my client gave a dignified performance on BBC Newsnight; alongside the CPS’ Alison Saunders who attempted to justify the prosecution. The CPS’ Guidelines on extreme pornography were subsequently updated in the light of this oppressive, unjust and illiberal prosecution.

"Despite Simon Walsh's acquittal by a jury, the case raises questions about the right of the state to intrude on individual's private and consensual sex lives"My article in The Guardian.

"Simon Walsh: How bodged arrest and 'profoundly damaging' false charges have ruined my City Hall career"Evening Standard.


R v Peacock [2012]

My client was tried for publishing supposedly obscene DVD’s of male fisting, urination and BDSM; and was found Not Guilty by the jury. Despite being widely reported and commented upon in the media, the CPS have not yet updated their Guidance on the OPA in the light of this landmark jury decision.

"Obscenity trial: the law is not suitable for a digital age - I welcome the jury's verdict but the OPA means the state is still capable of acting as a voyeur in the bedroom" - My article in The Guardian.

"Not guilty verdict in DVD obscenity trial - A male escort accused of distributing obscene DVDs has been found not guilty by a jury at Southwark Crown Court" - BBC News.


R v GS [2013]

Landmark Court of Appeal decision extending publication under the OPA to private, one-to-one, sexual fantasy text chat via the internet; potentially criminalising millions of adults. My client decided not to take the case to The Supreme Court after the Crown Court Judge indicated that he would be sentenced to a community order.


R v Webster [2011]

My client was unanimously acquitted after the first extreme pornography test-case trial. He contacted me directly after being misadvised by local solicitors. The material in question was "fake-snuff" pornography, which was described by a defence expert as "less realistic than most British soap-operas".

R v Holland [2010]

Described by the media as the "Tiger Porn" case. My client pleaded Guilty based on legal advice from a local barrister for possessing supposed "genital mutilation" pornography. He contacted me directly and was allowed to change his plea back to Not Guilty. The Prosecution finally dropped the case before re-Trial after I proved that the video in question was actually a notorious hoax, which was manufactured with make-up, prosthetics and special effects.


Other Outcomes:

I have also obtained police cautions for clients who have been interviewed at the police station for possessing extreme pornography;

As well as obtaining a caution for a client with prohibited images of children (cartoon drawings) under the Coroners and Justice Act;

A conditional discharge at the Magistrates’ Court for a client who admitted possessing extreme pornography;

A year’s custodial sentence for a client with “the biggest seizure” of pornography ever obtained by the UK Border Agency and Metropolitan Police;

A suspended sentence for a sex-shop vendor publishing unlicensed “caning” pornography DVDs;

And persuaded the police to take No Further Action for two separate clients who were in possession of self made “needle-porn” images.

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